Celebrate 30 alumni under 30
who bring uncommon passion to their endeavors

Whether they are launching socially conscious companies, championing the underserved, entertaining and informing us online and on TV, developing treatments for rare diseases, or making a crucial contribution in a Super Bowl win, these rising achievers are ones to watch.

Meet the 30 Owls who are designing their own futures and making a better tomorrow for all of us.

Artistic Changemakers

Picture of Erin Busch, BYR ’13, ’15

Erin Busch, BYR ’13, ’15

Founder, Young Women Composers Camp

Erin Busch started the Young Women Composers Camp at Temple to help young women feel empowered to write music.

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Picture of Rachel Ignotofsky, TYL ’11

Rachel Ignotofsky, TYL ’11

Author, Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

Author and illustrator Rachel Ignotofsky celebrates the accomplishments of oft-overlooked women scientists in her books.

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Picture of Samuel Nebyu, BYR ’17, ’19

Samuel Nebyu, BYR ’17, ’19

Violinist, The Mutter Virtuosi

Violinist Samuel Nebyu infuses his performances with works from composers who have been historically underrepresented.

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Picture of Qiaoyi Shi, TYL ’17

Qiaoyi Shi, TYL ’17

Co-founder, YingOne Jewelry

Qiaoyi Shi is a New York-based printmaker and illustrator who operates a risograph printing press and gallery hybrid.

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Community Advocates

Picture of Janine Musheno Burkhardt, DEN ’15

Janine Musheno Burkhardt, DEN ’15

Dental Director, Project HOME

Janine Musheno Burkhardt came face to face with some of the most challenging problems in dentistry within months of receiving her degree.

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Picture of Hazim Hardeman, KLN ’17

Hazim Hardeman, KLN ’17

Graduate Student, Oxford University

A North Philly native, Hazim Hardeman became a hometown inspiration when he was named a 2018 Rhodes scholar, Temple’s first ever.

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Picture of Malcolm Kenyatta, KLN ’12

Malcolm Kenyatta, KLN ’12

Pennsylvania State Representative

Malcolm Kenyatta’s experiences growing up in North Philadelphia led to him becoming the first openly gay person of color in the Pennsylvania House.

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Picture of David Lopez, CLA ’13

David Lopez, CLA ’13

Government Affairs and Public Policy Manager, Google

White House policy advisor under the Obama administration, David Lopez, focused on high-profile domestic policy issues.

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Picture of Andrew Wollaston, EDU ’13, LAW ’16

Andrew Wollaston, EDU ’13, LAW ’16

Associate Staff Counsel, Pennsylvania State Education Association

Andrew Wollaston transformed his love for teaching into another opportunity to support children with disabilities.

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Entrepreneurial Disruptors

Picture of Kristal Bush, CLA ’12

Kristal Bush, CLA ’12

Founder, Stay Lyfted

Kristal Bush runs a transportation service that drives family members in Philadelphia to see their incarcerated loved ones.

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Picture of Ofo Ezeugwu, FOX ’13

Ofo Ezeugwu, FOX ’13

Founder and CEO, WhoseYourLandlord, Inc.

Ofo Ezeugwu co-founded a web platform that empowers and informs the rental community through landlord reviews and housing literacy.

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Picture of Richard Henne, FOX ’15, and John Allen, KLN ’15

Richard Henne, FOX ’15, and John Allen, KLN ’15

Founders, Ivory Ella

Entrepreneurs Richard Henne and John Allen’s startup clothing company, Ivory Ella, has raised more than $1 million for charity.

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Picture of Megan Rubino, PHR ’17

Megan Rubino, PHR ’17

Pharmacist, Hometown Village Pharmacy

Pharmacist Megan Rubino launched her own independent drugstore with the intent of getting to know her customers on a personal level.

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International and Environmental Influencers

Picture of Sandra Adele, CST ’15

Sandra Adele, CST ’15

Founder, The STEMGirls

Sandra Adele encourages girls to pursue an education in science through her nonprofit The STEMGirls.

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Picture of Maggie Andresen, KLN ’17

Maggie Andresen, KLN ’17

Freelance Photojournalist

Award-winning photojournalist Maggie Andresen documents the lives of those who have been marginalized.

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Picture of Sierra Gladfelter, CLA ’12

Sierra Gladfelter, CLA ’12

Consultant and Project Manager, Dialogue + Design Associates

Sierra Gladfelter works to support Virginia’s coastal communities in adapting to sea level rise and other storm hazards.

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Picture of Eli LaBan, KLN ’17

Eli LaBan, KLN ’17

Teaching Artist, Lead Animator, Big Picture Alliance

Eli LaBan works outside of Kigali, Rwanda, creating multimedia content to support the training of rural families to grow and eat their own nutritious foods.

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Picture of Brett Riley, ENG ’18

Brett Riley, ENG ’18

Engineer, AirGreen Inc.

Bretty Riley works to design and build commercial-sized liquid dessicant air conditioners that use about half the energy of conventional systems.

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Media and Entertainment Visionaries

Picture of Kalen Allen, TFM ’18

Kalen Allen, TFM ’18

Actor and Writer

What began as a reaction to a cooking video has turned Kalen Allen into an internet sensation.

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Picture of Sofiya Ballin, KLN ’14

Sofiya Ballin, KLN ’14

Journalist, Producer and Writer

As a writer, activist and educator, Sofiya Ballin strives to tell stories in a way that people from all walks of life can understand.

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Picture of Rafael Logroño, KLN ’17, ’19

Rafael Logroño, KLN ’17, ’19

Professor of Instruction

Rafael Logroño teaches Latinx media courses and started the first Spanish-language talk show on Temple University Television.

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Picture of Bri Steves, KLN ’16

Bri Steves, KLN ’16

Recording Artist

Just two years after earning her degree in public relations, Bri Steves landed a multiyear deal with Atlantic Records.

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Science and Technology Innovators

Picture of Moriah Baxevane-Connell, CST ’13

Moriah Baxevane-Connell, CST ’13

Cloud Consultant, Google

Moriah Baxevane-Connell pursued her passion for tech and landed her dream job in the field. Now, she wants to help other women do the same.

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Picture of Arooj Khan, ENG ’18

Arooj Khan, ENG ’18

Quality Engineer, Biogen

Through her bioengineering courses, Arooj Khan discovered a different way to approach patient health.

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Picture of Jacqueline Mejia, CST ’12

Jacqueline Mejia, CST ’12

Environmental Scientist, Co-founder and COO, Pathogenomica

Jacqueline Mejia is bringing her academic research and passion for environmental science to the marketplace.

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Picture of Hope Watson, CPH ’17

Hope Watson, CPH ’17

Data Scientist, Alexion

As a data scientist, Hope Watson designs algorithms to help patients gain access to important treatments.

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Sports Industry Standouts

Picture of Erica Desrosiers, STH ’13

Erica Desrosiers, STH ’13

Senior Financial Analyst, Atlanta Hawks

Erica Desrosiers, a senior financial analyst for the Atlanta Blackhawks, helps this NBA team run smoothly.

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Picture of Brandon McManus, CST ’13

Brandon McManus, CST ’13

Professional Athlete, Denver Broncos

NFL placekicker—and fashion enthusiast—Brandon McManus puts his best foot forward by helping kids cope with bullying.

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Picture of Jessica Rawlings, CPH ’14, ’16

Jessica Rawlings, CPH ’14, ’16

Athletic Trainer, William Penn Charter School

Athletic trainer Jessica Rawlings uses her love of sports to help young students in Philadelphia develop their athletic abilities.

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Picture of Kamali Thompson, CST ’12

Kamali Thompson, CST ’12

MD/MBA Candidate, Rutgers University. Fencer, Team USA

Kamali Thompson pursues a multipronged, exceedingly ambitious career in both orthopedic surgery and fencing.

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