Meet Temple’s Extraordinary 30 Under 30 of 2023  

They are bold, driven and innovative. Since graduation, these young alumni have turned their passions into professional success and have remained mindful of helping others and creating community along the way. See what our outstanding 30 Under 30 champions have been up to since they left the nest.

Artistic Visionaries

On the dance floor, in the jazz club, through a photograph or a documentary, these young alumni are creating new spaces for expression that are both provocative and meaningful.

Picture of Hailey Brinnel, BYR ’18

Hailey Brinnel, BYR ’18

Professional Music Performer

From the time she was a child, Hailey knew that she wanted a career in music. Now, as a professional jazz trombonist and vocalist, she brings a vibrant energy to the Philadelphia music scene and beyond.

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Picture of Hansen Bursic, TFM ’20

Hansen Bursic, TFM ’20

Marketing Manager, Outfest

The intersection of storytelling and advocacy is where Hansen finds his purpose. As an independent documentary filmmaker and marketing manager, he brings nonfiction narratives to life.

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Picture of Enya-Kalia Jordan, BYR ’20

Enya-Kalia Jordan, BYR ’20

Manager of Dance Development and Diversity, Radio City Rockettes

As a plus-sized Black dancer, Enya-Kalia didn’t always experience kindness and acceptance in traditional dance spaces. Instead of conforming to those systems, she’s creating new ones.

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Picture of Kara Milstein, KLN ’16

Kara Milstein, KLN ’16

Photo Editor, TIME magazine

Kara discovered her passion for visual storytelling as a first-year student at Temple, catapulting her into a career journey that led to a position at TIME magazine.

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Change Igniters

Combining their tenacity with the resources of their trades, these young alumni seek to bring inclusivity, opportunity and support to those who need it most.

Picture of Desarae Bradham, CPH ’15

Desarae Bradham, CPH ’15

Social Media Supervisor, Philadelphia Department of Public Health

Desarae pursued a degree in public health so that she could make a difference in the lives of individuals. Today her tweets on mask-wearing and getting vaccinated have reached millions.

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Picture of Irene Cedano, CLA ’18

Irene Cedano, CLA ’18

Social Work Advocate, Philadelphia Public Defender’s Office

A life-changing class at Temple inspired Irene to switch her career goals from law enforcement to advocating for prisoner’s rights and helping newly released people navigate their post-incarceration lives.

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Picture of Amando E. Dominick, LAW ’21

Amando E. Dominick, LAW ’21

Assistant District Attorney, Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office

Turning traumatic loss into purpose, Amando dreams of transforming the American criminal justice system—starting right here in Philadelphia, where he fights for fairer sentencing.

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Picture of Alexis Mercado, EDU ’17

Alexis Mercado, EDU ’17

Career Coach, Community College of Philadelphia

Inspired and supported by her middle school teachers, Alexis committed to one day working in education and giving back. Now, she’s helping Philly-based students transition into fulfilling careers.

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Picture of Colin Pawlowski, KLN ’17

Colin Pawlowski, KLN ’17

Creative Producer and Editor, ChatterBlast Media

In adolescence, Colin hid away important parts of themself. But when they arrived at Temple University, they found space to flourish. Now, they play important roles in Philadelphia’s civic, comedic and queer communities.

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Picture of Osimiri Sprowal, CLA ’20

Osimiri Sprowal, CLA ’20

Marshall Scholar, Master’s Degree Candidate, University of Warwick and the London School of Economics

A slam poet, human rights activist, playwright and self-described “troublemaker,” Osimiri is determined to make life easier for trans people, people with disabilities, homeless people, Black people and others like them.

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Entrepreneurial Pioneers

Transforming the world as we know it is just another day in the life for these Owls. Whether disrupting the beauty industry, spearheading new sustainability efforts or redefining dental care, these trailblazers are changing the game.

Picture of Camille Bell, KLN ’15

Camille Bell, KLN ’15

CEO and Co-founder, Pound Cake

Growing up as a Black girl in rural PA wasn’t easy for Camille. But she found her footing at Temple, and now she’s shaking up the cosmetics industry by creating products for people with darker complexions.

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Picture of Danilo A. Burgos, STH ’19

Danilo A. Burgos, STH ’19

Co-founder, Burg Properties, LLC

The son of Philadelphia bodega owners, Danilo is steeped in the city’s Dominican American community. But now, he’s blazing his own path as a real estate developer.

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Picture of Zimri T. Hinshaw, CLA ’20

Zimri T. Hinshaw, CLA ’20

CEO and Founder, BUCHA BIO

The business Zimri T. Hinshaw launched as a Temple student got its start in a pungent pool of fermenting kombucha in his apartment. Now, his company is producing biomaterials that could inspire a new wave of sustainable design.

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Picture of Ciara Murphy, FOX ’16

Ciara Murphy, FOX ’16

Technical Program Manager, Disney Streaming

The Walt Disney Company provides streaming entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Ciara Murphy helps keep track of it all.

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Picture of Ellen Theresa Sisti, TYL ’21

Ellen Theresa Sisti, TYL ’21

Digital Dental Technician, Golden Ceramic Dental Lab

As a student, Ellen used 3D modeling software to create wearable art. Now, she applies that skill set to designing dental restorations in Temple’s new fully digital in-house lab.

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Picture of Daniella Uchendu-Oji, TFM ’20

Daniella Uchendu-Oji, TFM ’20

2D and 3D Designer, Freelance

After growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, Daniella faced a rocky path pursuing her dreams in the U.S. Now, she’s out to redesign the digital world, one pixel at a time.

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Global Ambassadors

These Owls have shown that it takes more than just talking to make a difference. Whether combating climate change or applying technological innovations to local businesses, they have found that a welcoming smile or a thoughtfully designed green space can help preserve and elevate our communities.


Picture of Loymi Peralta Cruz, FOX ’22

Loymi Peralta Cruz, FOX ’22

Technology Architect Analyst, Accenture

After finding a home at Temple, Loymi is now developing innovative technology solutions for the business world while simultaneously uplifting the next generation of business leaders.

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Picture of Ei Thandar Lwin, STH ’22

Ei Thandar Lwin, STH ’22

Manager-in-training, Four Seasons, Philadelphia

A passion for hospitality has driven Ei through an exceptional academic career and up the ladder at her current job. Now, she’s thinking big about her future in the hotel business.

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Picture of Andrea Poosikian, ENG ’19

Andrea Poosikian, ENG ’19

Electrical Engineer, Onshore Wind US, BP

Electrical engineer Andrea Poosikian has turned a passion for sustainability into a dynamic career in BP’s wind business.

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Picture of Andrew Sargeant, TYL ’16

Andrew Sargeant, TYL ’16

Landscape Architect, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

A young Black man in a traditionally white field, Andrew is pioneering the use of virtual reality and other immersive technologies to design urban landscapes for everyone.

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Research and Technology Innovators

With big ideas and revolutionary discoveries, these young alumni are transforming science and medicine to make it more accessible for all.

Picture of Bayan Alturkestani, ENG ’19

Bayan Alturkestani, ENG ’19

Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer, Conan MedTech Corp

An idea that Bayan began nurturing as an undergraduate assistant in a Temple research laboratory could revolutionize the diagnosis of sports-related concussions. 

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Picture of David Dugue, CST ’15, MED ’21

David Dugue, CST ’15, MED ’21

Plastic Surgery Resident, Weill Cornell Medicine

Growing up, David’s mother and aunt helped instill a passion for caring for others. Now he holds their memory close as he helps make patients physically whole following traumatic events.

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Picture of Alexandra Jones, CST ’18

Alexandra Jones, CST ’18

Oceanography PhD Candidate, MIT

Determined to play a role in addressing climate change, Lexi is studying how ocean currents impact phytoplankton, the marine organism that produces 50% of the oxygen we breathe.

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Picture of Anuj Mehta, CST ’17

Anuj Mehta, CST ’17

Orthopedic Surgery Resident, Temple University Hospital

After finding his passion for medicine as an undergraduate researcher at Temple, Anuj returned to Temple University Hospital as an orthopedic surgery resident to treat patients who most need it.

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Picture of Kevin Nguyen, PHR ’21

Kevin Nguyen, PHR ’21

Infectious Diseases Pharmacist, Boston Medical Center

As a clinical pharmacist, Kevin provides meticulous, well-researched care and antibiotic stewardship across a large and complex hospital system. His rigorous path through Temple laid the groundwork for this deeply important work.

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Picture of Varun Solanki, DEN ’21

Varun Solanki, DEN ’21

Assistant Professor of Restorative Dentistry, Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry

Since his childhood in India, Varun wanted to serve as many patients in need as possible—and he decided Temple was the best place to help him achieve that dream.

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Sports Industry Standouts

Whether covering the world’s biggest sporting events or participating in them, these Owls are the MVPs of their craft and are shaking up the field of sports—one play at a time.

Picture of Dion Dawkins, CLA ’17

Dion Dawkins, CLA ’17

NFL Offensive Tackle, Buffalo Bills

At 6 feet, 5 inches tall and 320 pounds, this Buffalo Bills star is a large man with Pro Bowl talent. But Dion’s heart is even bigger—as evidenced by his ceaseless charitable work.

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Picture of Evan Easterling, KLN ’19

Evan Easterling, KLN ’19

Senior Staff Editor, Sports, The New York Times

At the nation’s preeminent newspaper, Evan helps edit coverage of some of the nation’s largest sporting events, including the Super Bowl and World Cup.

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Picture of Brandon Matthews, EDU ’16

Brandon Matthews, EDU ’16

Professional Golfer, PGA Tour

Growing up in a working-class family outside Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Brandon struggled to break into golf’s elite circles. But he got his shot at Temple, and now he’s competing among the best in the world.

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Picture of Angelise Stuhl, KLN ’14, STH ’16

Angelise Stuhl, KLN ’14, STH ’16

Founder, CEO and Sports Director of Philadelphia Sports Digest

As a child, Angelise seemed destined to become a sports journalist. Today, she runs a successful Philadelphia high school sports website that is pushing the industry to improve their coverage of female athletes.

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