Temple University’s Remarkable 30 Under 30

The ambition, enthusiasm and accomplishments of these young Temple Made alumni point to a brighter future for all of us. Get to know our 2022 30 Under 30 awardees. 

Artistic Visionaries

Demonstrating dedication in the mastery of their crafts, these stars light up the stage, the studio and the human imagination.

Picture of Shannon Arnold, BYR ’19

Shannon Arnold, BYR ’19

Artistic Director, Fort Myers Symphonic Mastersingers

As COVID-19 restrictions forced people apart in early 2020, Shannon recognized the importance of keeping her music ensembles together, including her newly launched Intermezzo Choir for those diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Picture of Rachel Bell, TYL ’17

Rachel Bell, TYL ’17

Assistant Director/House Artist, Bethlehem House Gallery

The life of a working artist is a hustle—for Rachel, that means painting in her studio, arranging flowers at a popular florist and curating exhibits at one of the top galleries in the region.

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Picture of Matthew Kerr, EDU ’14

Matthew Kerr, EDU ’14

Founder and Co-director, Beyond the Bars

Through his Beyond the Bars nonprofit, Matt works with a system of community organizations and student leaders to help Philadelphia youth impacted by violence by providing them with opportunities to create, play and realize their musical talent.

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Picture of Paige Smallwood, TFM ’17

Paige Smallwood, TFM ’17

Actor, Broadway’s Hamilton: An American Musical

As a child, Paige suffered from stage fright and missed out on leading roles. Now, she tours the country starring in the hit Broadway musical Hamilton. The actor credits Temple for her transformation.

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Change Igniters

Never stopping at personal success, these alumni have transformed their challenges into opportunities for others, charting new pathways to equity, inclusion and justice.

Picture of  Ardhika Aziz, CLA ’20

Ardhika Aziz, CLA ’20

Community Autism Peer Specialist, Mental Health Partnerships

Inspired by the tight-knit communities he found at Temple, Ardhika embraced his autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, and now places it at the center of his postgraduate studies and his job in mental health services.

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Picture of Joshua Dean, CLA ’16, LAW ’20

Joshua Dean, CLA ’16, LAW ’20

Public Interest Fellow, ACLU

Josh’s journey through Temple was rife with struggles, which he faced with a supportive community at his side. Now on his way to becoming a public defender, he brings a compassionate perspective to his career.

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Picture of Ayodele Duyile, CST ’15

Ayodele Duyile, CST ’15

Senior Technical Product Manager, Google

An Emmy award is just the beginning for Ayodele, who is using his newfound fame and prestige to pave the way for people of color entering the field of technology.

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Picture of Amber Jones, SSW ’19

Amber Jones, SSW ’19

Founder, Queens Academy LLC

As a child, Amber struggled to accept her appearance and identity. Today, the teacher and social worker is empowering Black and brown girls through an organization she founded as a Temple student.

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Picture of Matthew Menschner, EDU ’15

Matthew Menschner, EDU ’15

Dean of Students, Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School

As a public high school administrator in Philadelphia, Matt pours his passion for education into his work. He strives to affect positive change each time he interacts with a student.

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Picture of Alvaro Sánchez, CLA ’17

Alvaro Sánchez, CLA ’17

Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Alvaro didn’t waste any time getting real-world ready while he was at Temple. His undergraduate research and internship experiences equipped him for a successful career using data to help those most in need.

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Global Ambassadors

After calling Temple home, these citizens of the world have taken flight to lead on the international stage and protect the planet.

Picture of Brendan Coble, FOX ’16

Brendan Coble, FOX ’16

Budget Officer, Second Lieutenant, U.S. Air Force

Brendan is pursuing a career in the military that combines his business acumen with his passion for giving back. After a long road through college, his future prospects are looking bright.

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Picture of Matthew Goldberg, CLA ’21

Matthew Goldberg, CLA ’21

Content Strategist, Skylight

With his Temple degree, Matthew has become both a published author and a persuasive content creator who helps government agencies improve their public services.

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Picture of Torin Johnson, ENG ’16, ’21

Torin Johnson, ENG ’16, ’21

Water Resources Engineer, Philadelphia Water Department

Torin discovered not only his talent and affinity for engineering at Temple, but also how his chosen discipline can make a material difference in the lives of people residing in communities he serves.

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Picture of Karla Rosario, CLA ’18

Karla Rosario, CLA ’18

Immigration Paralegal, Bennett, Bricklin & Saltzburg LLC

Karla earned her bachelor’s in criminal justice while holding a full-time job as a paralegal. Now, as she prepares for law school, she assists asylum-seekers at the Mexican-American border.

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Picture of Sarvesh Shah, FOX ’19

Sarvesh Shah, FOX ’19

Data Scientist, SEPTA

Sarvesh spent his youth riding the rails daily in his native Mumbai. Today, he helps to make riding public transportation in Philadelphia safer and more convenient, efficient and environmentally sustainable.

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Picture of Alexander Voisine, CLA ’18

Alexander Voisine, CLA ’18

Consultant, United Nations Development Program

Alexander used his time at Temple and a Fulbright scholarship to study the immigrant experience, particularly among Latin American and LGBTQ+ refugees in Mexico. What he found was a shared humanity.

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Research and Technology Innovators

From developing better ways to fight infection to designing aerospace defense systems, these Owls keep humankind moving forward.

Picture of Gabrielle Combs, CPH ’19, ’20

Gabrielle Combs, CPH ’19, ’20

Vaccines for Children Assistant Coordinator, Philadelphia Department of Public Health

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically accelerated Gaby’s real-world experience with infectious diseases. Now, she’s working to bring all types of vaccines to underresourced communities in Philadelphia.

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Picture of Ashley DePuy, PHR ’17

Ashley DePuy, PHR ’17

Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacist, Virtua Integrated Network

Growing up with a father who required round-the-clock medical attention taught Ashley a lot about helping those in need. At Temple, she discovered an emerging discipline that allows her to improve the care of other patients.

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Picture of Renee Eastburn, ENG ’18

Renee Eastburn, ENG ’18

Engineering Leadership Development Program, Lockheed Martin

A born leader and skilled engineer, Renee overcame personal challenges and soared to success at Lockheed Martin Space with some key Temple tools in her kit.

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Picture of Shannon Hibbard, CST ’17

Shannon Hibbard, CST ’17

Postdoctoral Program Fellow, NASA

Shannon has parlayed her fascination with outer space and her graduate research in geology into an instrumental role in the exploration of Mars.

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Picture of Dillan Patel, CST ’17, FOX ’20, MED ’21

Dillan Patel, CST ’17, FOX ’20, MED ’21

Resident, Temple University Health System

In just eight years, Dillan achieved a Temple trifecta: a BS, MBA and MD. But it’s the lessons learned caring for the people of Philadelphia that have proved most valuable.

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Picture of Sierra Williams, CST ’16

Sierra Williams, CST ’16

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Claremont Colleges

There’s no organism too small for Sierra to study. She uses chemical processes to examine minute, single-celled bacteria as part of humankind’s never-ending effort to create better antibiotics and understand how they fight infection.

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Sports Industry Standouts

On the field, in the back office, in the studio and in our hearts, these trailblazers are leading scorers in the worldwide industry of sport.

Picture of Jacob Martin, KLN ’19

Jacob Martin, KLN ’19

Defensive End, New York Jets

When he’s not out on the field, Jacob puts his broadcast journalism skills to use by hosting an AM radio show and mentoring burgeoning sports journalists.

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Picture of Breland Moore, KLN ’14

Breland Moore, KLN ’14

Sports Anchor, FOX 29

After four years as Hooter the Owl and an accomplished career in sports media, Breland has finally come back home to roost in Philly as FOX 29’s sports anchor.

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Picture of Allen Qi, STH ’19

Allen Qi, STH ’19

Manager of Global Partnerships, NBA China

Working for the NBA had been an aspiration for Jiongwei, also known as Allen, since he was a teenager. Now, the longtime basketball aficionado is living his dream.

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Picture of Ameena Soliman, FOX ’17, STH ’19

Ameena Soliman, FOX ’17, STH ’19

Pro Scout, Philadelphia Eagles

When the Philadelphia Eagles named Ameena a pro scout last spring, she became the first Muslim woman to hold that title in NFL history. But it was a natural progression for the former Temple football intern.

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Workforce Pioneers

Born to lead, this inspiring group of alumni are breaking down barriers, pushing beyond boundaries and creating space for all.

Picture of Will Bubenik, STH ’18

Will Bubenik, STH ’18

CEO, Nebula Media Group

After watching his siblings struggle to use the internet because of their cognitive disabilities, Will started Nebula Media Group to help make the world more accessible, one website at a time.

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Picture of Shaniece Cole, KLN ’13

Shaniece Cole, KLN ’13

Producer, NBC Universal

From performing behind-the-scenes production duties to conducting red carpet interviews to acting in commercials and television shows, Shaniece is one of the entertainment industry’s Temple Made rising stars.

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Picture of CherRaye Glenn-Flowers, FOX ’15

CherRaye Glenn-Flowers, FOX ’15

Founder and Creator, Brownce

Through her work at Wikimedia and her signature hair and beauty app Brownce, CherRaye is closing gaps for marginalized people.

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Picture of Amirah Mitchell, TYL ’21

Amirah Mitchell, TYL ’21

Founder and CEO, Sistah Seeds

For Amirah, change begins with a single seed. The horticulturist has started her own heirloom seed company, Sistah Seeds, and is an integral part of Philly’s community of Black and brown farmers.

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