Super Sacker

On game days, New York Jets defensive end Jacob Martin, KLN ’19, spends most of his time on the line of scrimmage strategizing ways to tackle the opposing team’s quarterback. In fact, as an integral member of Temple football, Martin led the Owls in sacks during his tenure. Today, when he’s off the gridiron, he stretches his broadcast journalism muscles as co-host of In the Trenches, a weekly show on SportsTalk 790 in Houston. 

Jacob Martin
Photo credit: Zach Tarrant

Play ball

Martin attributes his success as a member of the sports media to his time at Klein. 

“Some of my favorite learning moments at Temple were in the studios of the Klein College of Media and Communication, just being able to work practically with the equipment or hear yourself do voice-overs or read off a teleprompter,” he said.

Calling an audible 

At this point in his career, Martin takes pride in being able to give back to the community that helped shape him and his media production skills. He’s working with the newly opened Claire Smith Center for Sports Media to provide a practical look at the inside workings of the industry, based on his multifaceted experience. 

“As an athlete dealing with media and as someone who has a degree in media, I think I can give students and staff a real practical look at what every day in the NFL looks like, what every day looks like when you’re behind the scenes producing ESPN or producing Fox Sports,” he said. 

He hopes to be used in any way he can and makes a point of being accessible to anyone who may need his expertise. “I have people who may want to ask me some questions about headshots or voice-overs or stand ups. I’m open to things like that,” he explained. “I try to be easily accessible, whether it’s through email or LinkedIn or social media or even my cell phone. My cell phone number hasn’t changed since I’ve had it.”

Jacob at a Glance

A team player

Part of Martin’s success, as both a football player and radio host, can be attributed to an ability to connect with people. Being in Philadelphia exposed Martin to people from a wide array of backgrounds. “I’ve always been big on immersing myself in different cultures, to try to understand and connect with people a lot better. I feel like Philly gave me that opportunity,” he said.

For Martin, one of the best things about Temple is the way its diverse campus, and Philly itself, challenges students to expand past their comfort zones. “Living in Philly will force you to experience so much growth and you will learn so much about yourself and you’ll be put in so many real-life situations just from being there,” he said. “You’re bound to see things you didn’t know about before.”