Andrew Tomasetti

School: College of Engineering
Degree: BS, civil engineering, 2019
Hometown: Auburn, Pennsylvania

Over the years, the dreams of Andrew Tomasetti, ENG ’19, have evolved. First, he would be a marine, then study engineering, own and operate a moving business, and now serve as founder and CEO of PAINT, a residential painting company that has reached the top 1% of painting companies in less than two years.

Through it all, one thing becomes clear: As the owner of a small business, Tomasetti epitomizes the foundational traits of all successful entrepreneurs—the intangible qualities that allow them to face risk, pivot when needed and learn from mistakes. 

This end up 

Tomasetti’s decision to enroll at Temple initially came from practicality. After high school, he had joined the Marine Corps Reserve, pursuing a dream to serve his country; once he finished boot camp, he was ready to turn his attention toward a college degree.

Growing up, Tomasetti’s father was always doing projects around the house, and his uncle worked as a heavy machinery mechanic. Both men had always encouraged young Tomasetti to go to college to get a job that “wouldn’t be hard on his knees.”

Temple checked Tomasetti’s boxes: It had an engineering major; it was within his budget and it was located a reasonable distance from his reserve unit.

To supplement his income as a full-time student, he started a moving company. He liked being in charge of his own hours and dealing directly with his clients. What started as a side hustle ended up having a big impact on his future. 

A good base coat 

After graduating from Temple, Tomasetti set his sights on becoming a pilot in the military. But unfortunately his vision didn’t meet the necessary requirements. It was time to pivot.

Tomasetti’s original side hustle opened his eyes to the possibilities of making a living on one’s own terms. He realized he wanted to avoid the traps he saw his father and uncle fall into, and not just the one regarding physical labor. He also wanted to avoid constant worry about money and a job that didn’t allow time for other activities. He was determined that his path would look different.

“I came back to Philly,” he said. “My dream had changed. And I realized that not only did I want to be financially independent, I also wanted to provide opportunities for others, too.”

Andrew Tomasetti poses for a photo in his company branded sweatshirt.
Andrew Tomasetti smiles for a photo.

“I wanted to be financially independent and provide opportunities for others, too.”

–Andrew Tomasetti
Owner and CEO, PAINT Philadelphia

Perfect edges 

Tomasetti founded PAINT Philadelphia in 2020. Since that time, it’s grown significantly year over year and is now between 16 and 30 people, depending on the season. He has channeled the discipline that he learned during his time in the Marine Corps and working toward his demanding degree in engineering to create and sustain a profitable business that gives back to his employees and the community. He is proud to provide his staff leadership and unlimited growth opportunities, an unmatched company culture and various outlets to give back to the community as the company holds an annual PAINT it Forward program in which they provide free painting services to a deserving family. 

“We have big goals,” he says. “We are on a mission to PAINT 10,000 homes by 2030 and become the country’s best place to work … I want to bring the best people with me. I want them to be excited to come to work and live with meaning in their lives and a sense of community. I’m not accepting average.”