Positive impact

The same year he graduated from Temple, Ofo Ezeugwu, FOX ’13, co-founded WhoseYourLandlord, a web platform that’s empowering and informing the rental community through landlord reviews and housing literacy content. His goal: increasing transparency in the residential market and bridging the communication gap between renters and home providers. The site currently has reviews in over 270 cities, nationwide.

Temple alumnus Ofo Ezeugwu.
Photo credit: Joseph V. Labolito

How did you get the idea for your business? While I was serving as vice president of external affairs for Temple Student Government, I was discussing student housing options with other TSG reps late one night. So I started to think about putting the power in students’ hands. I thought, “What if students could rate their landlords so that the students who follow them know what they’re getting into before they even sign the lease?”

Where did you get the money to get started? In the beginning, I used the income I earned as a fashion model to invest in the development of the site. I managed to keep the business afloat until our first big break came in April 2014 when we won $20,500 in Temple’s Be Your Own Boss Bowl.

Did you always see yourself as an entrepreneur? Growing up, I never pictured myself working for anyone. I held many coveted internships and jobs throughout high school and college, but for some reason, when I pictured myself in the future or even while dreaming at night, I was never wearing anyone else’s logo on my shirt. I was always a lone rider, I enjoyed seeing things differently, and I always loved leading amongst other great leaders. 

How do you describe your leadership style? I believe in letting people flow. The more you let people do what they love to do, the more passionate they are when doing the work.

—By Angelo Fichera, KLN ’13