International and Environmental Influencer: Sandra Adele

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Doctor or lawyer. While growing up in Nigeria, Sandra Adele, CST ’15, was taught that she could become one or the other. “A career in science was not presented to me as an option,” she says.


Photo by Juliet Lemon

If I can encourage other young women to enter a science field, I feel I have contributed in some way.”

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Sandra Adele

Fast forward, and Adele is now using her undergraduate degree in neuroscience and master’s in pharmacology from the University of Oxford to explore healthcare solutions in developing countries. 

She credits Temple and the female mentors she met there for her ability to excel in a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) discipline. In an effort to give back, Adele started a nonprofit—The STEMGirls at

Through the website, girls in Africa are paired with STEM researchers from all over the world, learning firsthand from them and their experiences.

—By Lauren Hertzler, KLN ’13