Critic’s choice

When Kalen Allen, TFM '18, decided to flip a camera on himself in late 2017 and document his reaction to (read: scathing critique of) a cornbread-focused cooking video, comedian Seth Rogen helped cast the then-Temple senior’s video into virality.

Kalen Allen
Photo credit: Ambe J. Photography

“Thank you for this,” Rogen’s tweet response read.

A year later, Allen had secured a role in a movie with Rogen, one about a man who is accidentally brined in a pickle factory.

Expect to see more from Allen.

Following Rogen’s tweet, and even before graduating, Allen became an online sensation, moved to Los Angeles and landed a job with Ellen Degeneres’ EllenTube, where his “OMKalen” video series expands upon his success speaking truth to cooking-video power. 

Allen, who trained in stage acting, envisions himself returning to those roots at some point. Perhaps on Broadway, or maybe he’ll host his own show. 

His advice to others looking to enter the industry: “It’s all about visibility; it’s all about marketing,” he says. “If you don’t have that, then you have nothing.”

—By Angelo Fichera, KLN ’13