Sports Industry Standout: Brandon McManus

Football phenom

Brandon McManus, CST ’13, always wanted to be involved in sports in some way. That’s why he majored in biology—to be an orthopedic surgeon.


Photo by Courtesy of Brandon McManus

Winning Super Bowl 50 was... surreal. To be the leading scorer and have my family, my parents and my wife there to celebrate with me was incredible. My parents did snow angels in the confetti on the field—it takes a whole family to get where I am.

Besides football I love... fashion and putting different pieces together. I love to be an individual.

It’s important for... young kids to know they can be themselves and they should reach out to an adult when they need help. In my speaking engagements, I try to help kids know how to cope with bullying, and I donate all proceeds from my clothing line, The Brandon McManus Collection, to fighting bullying. 

—By Kim Fischer, CLA ’92