It’s a wrap

Jessica Rawlings, CPH ’14, ’16, dives into her life as an athletic trainer and her experiences at Temple. 

I spend my days… as an Athletic Trainer at William Penn Charter School, a Friends K-12 school in Philadelphia’s East Falls neighborhood. People ask if I see myself moving up to a college position, as if that would be a promotion. But I see the work I am doing here as more than just taping ankles and providing ice packs. I’m helping kids get to the next level in athletics and better understand their bodies. 

Jessica Rawlings
Photo credit: Ryan S. Brandenberg

The trickiest part of my job is… working with young kids who don’t know how to verbalize what they are feeling. You’re left piecing together the clues.  

I’m glad I ended up at Temple, but... Originally, I thought I wanted to go to school in Ohio, right up until move-in day when I just knew it wasn’t for me. I came back and did two years at Delaware County Community College, then transferred to Temple. Temple just took over my life, for the better! 

Athletic training enables me to… combine my love of sports with the opportunity to help people. Watching kids get back to their sport after an injury is probably the best part of my job. 

—By Emily Kovach